sean kelly jeff jinnie

I'm Shea hi



this os my six selfie thing but im doing a transformation thing instead of six good pnes bc i just got my hair cut



*is an attention whore*

what a hoe!

lil debbie is so weird



Frauenkirche in Dresden, Germany x


its late enough


The weirdest thing is that people talk about “coming out” as if it’s this big momentous thing that only happens once while in actual fact it’s something that you do almost every single day every time you talk to a new person every time you’re in a new situation you’re constantly weighing your options, the ability to be your true self vs the advantages of being a false self and honestly it’s so fucking exhausting

seansoo youre my one true love….


Hi guys! My name is andrejpejicjimmyvegafanfic but my friends call me APJVFF. I’m new here and not used to many things, but I hope you guys will show me the ropes around here (smiles). I’ve been turning the grey hearts red - I guess that’s what you guys call “liking a post.” (laughs)

Much love and see you around,


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